Ella Baila Sola Lyrics: The Powerful Charming Lyrics

An in-vogue tune whose promotion makes uncommon energies Ella Baila Sola, is a famous Spanish melody that engages crowds with its snappy lyrics and irresistible cadence. The couple behind this hit tune, Compa and Pedro, have made a work of art that commends the magnificence and charm of an alone. lady. In this article, we will investigate the lyrics of the tune ‘Ella Baila Sola‘and dig into the feelings it brings out.

(¿Qué le parece esa morra?)

The tune starts with the inquiry “¿Qué le parece esa morra?” which means “What is your take of that young lady?” This line establishes the vibe until the end of the lyrics, as the vocalist communicates his esteem for an alone. lady. The utilization of “morra” adds a dash of expression and commonality to the melody, making it engaging to audience members.

La que anda bailando sola me gusta dad’ mí bella

The following line, “La que anda Bailando sola me gusta dad’ mí Bella,” means “I like the person who moves alone, she’s delightful to me.” This verse features the artist’s appreciation for the lady’s autonomy and certainty. It commends her capacity to spellbind everybody’s consideration with her performance dance moves.

Ella Baila Sola’s lyrics keep on illustrating a lady who realizes she is alluring and partakes in the consideration she gets on the dance floor.

Ella sabe que está buena que tasks andan mirándola

The lyrics further accentuate the lady’s mindfulness of her excellence and the way that everybody is watching her. “Ella sabe que está buena que tasks andan mirándola” means “She knows she’s hot, and everybody is watching her.” This line conveys the vocalist’s appreciation for the lady’s certainty and how she conducts herself.

Cómo baila me acerco y le tiro task un verbo

The lyrics take a marginally fun-loving turn with the line “Cómo baila me acerco y le tiro task un verbo,” which signifies “As she moves, I approach and toss an entire discourse at her.” This line features the vocalist’s assurance to win the lady’s consideration and fondness. It adds a hint of humor to the melody, as the vocalist utilizes the representation of tossing a discourse to communicate his expectations.

Tomamos tragos sin peros, solo tentación

The lyrics keep on depicting the connection between the artist and the lady, as they partake in drinks together with no reservations. “Tomamos tragos sin peros, solo tentación” signifies “We drink with next to no ditherings, just enticement.” This line proposes a feeling of suddenness and living at the time, as the vocalist and the lady enjoy the charm of the evening.

Le dije “voy a conquistar tu familia, que en unos días vas a ser mía”

Perhaps the most vital line in the melody is “Le dije ‘voy a conquistar tu familia, que en unos días vas a ser mía’,” which means “I told her ‘I will prevail upon your family, in a couple of days you’ll be mine’.” This line exhibits the vocalist’s certainty and assurance to make the lady his own. It adds a bit of sentiment and interest to the lyrics, as the vocalist communicates his expectations to take their relationship to a higher level.

Me dijo que estoy muy crazy pero le gusta que ningún vato como yo actúa

The lyrics take a lively bend with the line “Me dijo que estoy muy insane pero le gusta que ningún vato como yo actúa,” and that signifies “She let me know I’m insane, yet she appreciates that no person behaves like me.” This line features the vocalist’s extraordinary methodology and character, which separates him from different men competing for the lady’s focus. It adds a component of appeal and moxy to the melody. Ana de Armas Blade Runner


Ella Baila Sola’s lyrics wonderfully catch the pith of an alone lady and praise her magnificence, certainty, and charm. The tune’s snappy cadence and perky lyrics make it a fan #1, reverberating with crowds across ages. Whether you love Spanish music or essentially value a very much created melody, Ella Baila Sola is an unquestionable necessity. Thus, the next time you hear this tune playing, let yourself be moved by its overwhelming appeal and dance along!

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