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Surrogacy in the Czech Republic: Perks, Costs, and Legal Insights

Surrogate motherhood in Czech Republic is the rise over the past decade after the adoption of new Civil Code back in 2014. It states the treatment of infertility; however, the procedure to clearly regulate this entire framework has not yet been developed.

It is important to clear what surrogate motherhood means, it means a surrogate mother carries a couple’s baby in her womb until delivery and then hands it over to them after delivery. Thus many couples are not familiar about legal implication of leihmutterschaft tschechien.

We will cover all aspects of the subject at hand in the coming lines.

Why Surrogate Motherhood in Czech Republic

The following points clearly indicate the benefits of having a surrogate mother Czech Republic.

  • Top class counseling sessions that will clear all doubts
  • Premium services at an affordable rate
  • High quality surrogacy treatment through competent doctors
  • Sky-high surrogacy success ratio
  • No legal restriction on surrogate motherhood

Legal Aspects of Surrogate Motherhood 

With the new civil code in place, the law does not prohibit surrogacy motherhood in Czech Republic. However, it also does not objectively outlines the full details about the surrogacy. Here are key highlights of legal status of leihmutterschaft tschechien.

  • Couples can have both commercial and altruistic surrogacy
  • Couples can only have surrogacy facility if they are declared infertile by the court
  • Same-sex couples or single parents cannot have surrogacy 
  • Couples have to get legal rights of the baby after surrogacy through legal procedure
  • Both married and single woman can offer surrogacy motherhood services
  • Married women must get a notarized consent from their partner
  • The surrogate mother has the right to be paid for IVF, medical examination and subsequent childbirth 

Cost of Surrogate Motherhood

Since the cost of surrogacy varies from case to case, however, on average the cost of surrogate mother in Czech Republic ranges between $50,000 to $70,000. This cost covers all expenses including medication, procedure, clothes, food, etc.

Further, the cost depends on clinic and services being availed by the couple intending the surrogacy.

Surrogacy Motherhood Success Ratio

Surrogacy motherhood in Czech Republic is popular because it has the best success ratio. On average the gestational surrogacy has a success rate ranging between 75 to 95%. Likewise, traditional surrogacy offers success ratio between 80 to 95%. Further, if the couple is having donor’s sperm and embryo, it has a success rate of around 90%.

Key Points for Surrogate Motherhood

It is critical to keep certain points in mind while opting for surrogacy services in Czech Republic. Since, you will be investing a lot of time, effort and money in the prices, therefore, it is pivotal to clear all doubts and have all boxes checked.

Here are a few important points to consider before opting for surrogacy from a center. 

  • Consider the patient-focused assistance of the center offering surrogacy services
  • Select a medical center that has experienced and educated staff
  • Look for better infrastructure that can provide comfort
  • Staff is cooperating and caring
  • Offers transparent fees and process details


leihmutterschaft tschechien is one of the best countries to get surrogacy services. Although the legal framework does not support the procedure, however, law does not prohibit it as well.

Further, the success rate is outstanding and it is also cost-effective. Likewise, you can get excellent medical attention and care from the staff as they have highly professional and experienced people to treat any emergencies.

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